Working To Protect The Environment

Protecting the environment is something the people of Milton Keynes have highlighted as a priority, and there’s plenty going on in the city and Britain which we can be proud of, but there’s still lots to do.

We’ve launched the ‘Green MK Grant’ to try and find young people who have new ideas on ways to contribute to tackling climate change.

McDonald’s in Milton Keynes are doing great work with their annual Love Where You Live event –litter picking and keep our city streets clean.

Nationally, the Conservative Party has had an incredible amount of success in protecting the environment, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by a record amount of 25%, as well as seeing renewable electricity generation at a record high.

As part of our 25 Year Plan to Improve the Environment, we are establishing an independent Office for Environmental Protection and we have already banned the sale of products containing microbeads which harm our marine life.

After leaving the European Union and the Common Agricultural Policy, Britain will be able to develop global gold standard environmental policies, and leaving the Common Fisheries Policy allows us to pursue the highest standards in marine conservation.

Locally, our Labour-led council have introduced a disastrous new recycling scheme leaving many people without recycling bags which discourages people from recycling.

The council’s plans to build 100,000 more houses in the city are reckless. I want to see our city grow, but I will continue to campaign for realism and infrastructure before expansion.

We must ensure we can cope with the increase in population on our hospitals, roads, green spaces and other areas.

Labour destroying our grid road system and building too many new homes too quickly will lead to more traffic. This will cause air pollution and we’ll be at risk of losing the beautiful green spaces that make Milton Keynes so special.

The Conservative Party and I are continuing to make sure Britain and Milton Keynes are at the forefront of our fight to protect the environment now and for future generations.