Visit To Estonia For Spring Storm Exercise

I was delighted to be in Estonia this week, as Armed Forces Minister, to visit the annual Spring Storm military exercise involving almost 10,000 troops.

This exercise includes troops from the United Kingdom, Estonia and Belgium, amongst others within NATO, as we look to work and train together to continue to improve our defence co-operation with our allies across the globe.

The UK has around 1,000 troops stationed in Estonia as part of NATO’s Enhanced Forward presence currently led by the UK’s King Royal Hussars battle group with Challenger 2 tanks, and Wildcat and Apache helicopters.

It’s been incredibly interesting talking to soldiers from many different countries and hearing about their experiences. There will always be minor differences between how we all work so communication is key in ensuring we work together effectively and collectively keep our countries safe.

This year marks the 70th anniversary of NATO and as a founding member the UK continues to play a leading role. Our membership of NATO is and always will be the cornerstone of UK Defence.