Statement On The Decision Of The Supreme Court

The Supreme Court has ruled that the prorogation of Parliament was null and void.

Whilst disappointed, the Government has been clear that it will accept the Rule of Law and I fully respect this decision.

However, I am frustrated that this means that we will not have a Queens Speech when the new domestic agenda would have been launched. The prorogation of Parliament and the Queens Speech is not ceremonial, but necessary in order to introduce new legislation that would work to invest in our local hospitals, tackle crime, fund schools and cut the cost of living. This has now frustratingly been shelved for continued Brexit debate.

We have now had three years of Brexit discussions and have found no way forward. The current deadlock is ongoing with MPs having voted against a deal, against revoking Article 50, against a second referendum and now with the oppositional parties refusing to support a general election. We need to find a way forward to stop this continued stagnation and move onto addressing the real problems that my constituents face daily.

I would like to be crystal clear that the Governments priority is to leave with a deal which I fully support. Real progress is being made, 64 days ago the Prime Minister was told that the Withdrawal Agreement would not be reopened. However, he confirmed last night that discussions are in place to bring back the deal and negotiate alternatives to the backstop. I sincerely hope that a deal is forthcoming at the EU Council on October 17th and 18th which MPs can unite behind to ensure we have a smooth and orderly exit from the EU.