Over 1,500 MK Families Benefit From Troubled Families Programme

Mark Lancaster, the MP for Milton Keynes North, has welcomed the news that 1,520 families in Milton Keynes have benefited from the Government’s Troubled Families Programme.

The scheme is aimed at supporting families with complex interconnected problems such as anti-social behaviour, mental health issues or domestic abuse by getting access to the early, practical and coordinated support they need.

Rather than responding to each problem, or single family member separately, assigned Troubled Families keyworkers engage with the whole family. Through this approach they coordinate support from a range of services to identify and address family issues as early as possible rather than merely reacting to crises.

Mark Lancaster MP said:

“We all know just how important a strong family is and this programme really puts families at its heart.

“It’s extremely pleasing to see that of all the 1,520 families involved in MK, 1,258 of them have achieved significant and sustained progress, with 11 achieving continuous employment.

“And it’s down to the excellent hard work of the families and keyworkers that this programme has been so successful.”

Local Government Minister Rishi Sunak MP said:

“The success of the Troubled Families Programme is down to the tremendous efforts and tireless work of all those involved including the families themselves.

“I have seen first-hand how the programme has made a real difference for families up and down the country, with fewer children going into care, fewer adults going to prison and more adults back in work.

“When we strengthen our families, we strengthen society; because when families thrive, we all thrive.

“This government will continue to champion families at every turn, helping them play their part in a society where no one is left behind.”