Olney Independent Shop Winner – Flipping Fantastic!

The winner of the Olney Independent Shop of the Year 2017 competition has been announced. Congratulations to the Olney Pancake Parlour!

The competition was organised by myself which took place over the December to January period with 650 votes cast.

Opening their doors in May 2016, the Olney Pancake Parlour raced ahead to become a firm favourite in the last few days of voting.

The competition was an opportunity for shoppers to appreciate the individuality, the level of personal service and sense of community on offer in Olney high street. It is also important not to forget the role the high street plays in generating jobs and boosting the local economy.

I was absolutely delighted to share the news with the Donaldson family.  What a fitting winner for Olney, bearing in mind the Pancake Race started here and has been a tradition since 1445!  I'm thrilled that this new family run business has been able to thrive and we can now enjoy pancakes throughout the year and not just on race day!