New Set of Wheels for MK

MK's answer to the Boris Bikes were launched last week as around 500 Santander bicycles were made available to hire around the city.

The bikes, which have the technology built in to the frame rather than the docking stations like in London, will be available from 40 locations across Milton Keynes.

My colleague Iain Stewart and I attended the launch and are hopeful the new scheme will see hundreds of new cyclists across MK.

Iain Stewart who is also on the Transport Committee said, "I am delighted to see the new Santander Bike scheme being launched. We are very lucky in Milton Keynes to have ready built redways, which many towns don't, but yet we cycle much less than a lot of those places. Hopefully this can be a game changer and we will see more people taking to two wheels, whether it be to commute to work or just for nice bike ride at the weekends."

For me, cycling is a fantastic and a reasonably cheap way of getting to work, keeping fit and socialising. As Iain says, for too long we haven't utilised the redways as much as we should so hopefully with this new incentive in place, we will now see more people make use of the ready-made infrastructure in the city.

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