My Brexit Vote

Yesterday I voted in favour of the Prime Minister’s Withdrawal Agreement for the second time. I have explained my reasoning for last night’s vote here. In short, I believed it was the surest way to guarantee we left the European Union.

Tonight, I shall support the Malthouse Amendment that sets out the process for a ‘managed no-deal.’ I will not take 'no deal' off the table. The threat of leaving with no deal is still our biggest single bargaining chip with the EU and I believe to remove it as an option would be a mistake.

As I explained in my statement yesterday, if ‘no deal’ is removed from the table we will be asked to extend Article 50, but for how long and at what cost would be firmly placed in the hands of the EU.

Supporting the Malthouse Amendment keeps these decisions in Parliament’s grip and cushions the cliff edge of leaving without a deal. It ensures we leave the EU on the 22nd May 2019, giving companies time to prepare and adjust to the new tariffs – protecting our local economy and minimising the cost for Milton Keynes businesses. The Amendment means that we will start to build the Future Relationship while Milton Keynes residents in the EU, and vice versa, have guaranteed protected rights.

It is my duty as MP to respect the majority vote of Milton Keynes and the British public and safeguard our prosperity. Out of the options presented, I believe that this is the best way forward to protect our local jobs and economy while ensuring that we leave the European Union.