MK50 Thank You

Both Iain Stewart MP and I hosted a “Thank You” reception last night to recognise the volunteers in Milton Keynes who have and continue to make an enormous contribution to our local community.

The event was organised to celebrate the 50th birthday of Milton Keynes and to recognise the “unsung heroes” from across the city who give their time and commitment to so many hardworking charities and community groups. Some of the organisations in attendance included Headway, MK Cardiac Group, MK Foodbank and MK Deaf Zone.

The reception was held in the opulent State Rooms of the Speaker’s House within the Houses of Parliament. Over a hundred invited guests from a diverse range of charities and organisations were publicly thanked by both Iain and I for their support and selfless commitment, passion and dedication to making Milton Keynes a better place.

I found it an incredibly humbling evening to listen the many stories of why people are motivated to volunteer. Their invaluable contribution clearly has a profound impact on the many thousands of residents in MK and I was delighted to be able to personally show my gratitude in some small way.

My colleague, Iain added, "We are very lucky in Milton Keynes that we have a thriving and well connected charity sector. The only reason we have that is because of all the individuals that volunteer their time to making people’s lives better. We really can’t thank them enough and I hope all of those in attendance enjoyed the event.”