MK Job Show - Hailed A Success!

I can't believe it's been six years since I opened the first MK Job Show. When Iain Stewart MP and I first decided to launch the event at the Buszy, we had no idea what a success it would become and the staggering number of jobs it would provide as a result.

In light of MK's continuing record of economic growth, this year's show was another great opportunity for local and national businesses to recruit from a wide range of applicants and to showcase a diverse range of vacancies to nearly 100,000 people.

The show provided direct access to a huge range of vacancies for engineers, business professionals, scientists and sales & marketing specialists together with training and job opportunities. This also included jobs for those with low skill levels and provided options for individuals to obtain sustainable employment.

Creating jobs is a key part of the Government's objectives. More jobs mean that more people have the security of a wage to provide for themselves and for their families. In MK, the number of people claiming the key out of work benefits has fallen by 61% per cent since 2010, which shows that whilst there is more to be done, the signs of progress are there.