MK Economy Continues to Boom

I've welcomed a report by Centre for Cities which shows Milton Keynes has strengthened its place as one of the strongest economies in the UK.

MK is in the top 10 cities for almost all positive economic indicators. We're the fifth most popular place in the UK to start-up a business.  We're third for the number of established businesses and ninth best city in the rankings to find a job, including job seekers claimants at a record low of 1.5%.

One of the most impressive figures was the high level of productivity workers in Milton Keynes are delivering. MK is just behind London and Slough, with the level of productivity 26% above the UK average.

I'm delighted to see Milton Keynes’ economy continuing to do so well. I think it highlights how robust our economy has become. I'm particular pleased with the productivity level, the hard work and innovation of our workforce, this is why we stand out as a great place to do business.  We face challenges, not least the need for certainty with the UK’s withdrawal from the EU, but also very local issues such as the need to improve broadband connections, especially in our rural communities.

The report did highlight an area where we're falling behind, we're listed as amongst the worst 10 cities with the lowest ultrafast broadband penetration rate.