MK College Chosen For Institute Of Technology Investment

MK MPs Mark Lancaster and Iain Stewart are delighted after Milton Keynes College was chosen as one of the Government’s 12 new Institutes of Technology.

The college has received a £28million grant from the Department of Education to work with a group including Microsoft, KPMG, McAfee, Evidence Talks, VWFS, Activate Learning and Cranfield University, which is supported by the Bletchley Park Trust.

The Institute of Technology will be based at the Bletchley Park site, specifically Block D which was built during the Second World War to help break, decipher and analyse German Enigma traffic.

Once up and running 1,000 students a year expected to take advantage of the Institute which is part of the government’s plan to improve the nation’s skills so more young people have the same high-quality training opportunities with clear pathways to skilled jobs as those in top performing technical education countries like Germany.

Mark and Iain commented,

“We are delighted to see Milton Keynes College has been chosen by the Government to create a new Institute of Digital Technology. We are thrilled to have been able to support the bid to the Government to ensure we gave the college the best possible chance of securing the funding for this extremely exciting project.

“Milton Keynes has long been one of the best places in the country for digital innovation and this news ensures the city continues to grow and offers young people excellent choices for their education that will lead to high skilled, more rewarding jobs.

“We are looking forward to continuing to work with MK College as they help more young people grow with amazing opportunities to get the digital skills they need for a successful career in a time when new technologies are constantly transforming the world of work.”