Lowest unemployment in over 10 years

Announcement today that unemployment across the UK remains at the lowest rate for over a decade, down nearly 900,000 since 2010.

Latest labour market figures show 329,000 more people are back in work in the South East region since 2010.

In my constituency of MK North, the number of people claiming the key out of work benefits has fallen by 1,624 which is a 59% per cent drop since 2010.

Today's figures also showed that the employment rate amongst women is now at record levels, there are over 500,000 more disabled people in work over the past three years and the number of young people unemployed is now at the lowest level in over 12 years.

We start the New Year with another encouraging set of figures, which show the strength of our economy as we step up to the challenges of 2017.

With a record high employment rate for women and over half a million more disabled people in work over the last three years, we have made real progress creating a strong economy.