Green MK Grant

Today I'm launching the 'Green MK Grant.'

The idea is to find young people living in Milton Keynes who have new ideas on how to reduce our levels of waste, lower our energy use or anything else that can help MK contribute to tackling climate change.

All schools and MK College will shortly be invited to encourage ideas from their students. Three of the best and most achievable ideas will receive support to try and make their proposal a reality. I will be engaging with the local business community to support and sponsor the project.

The recent work by Sky Ocean Rescue and Sir David Attenborough among others has opened all of our eyes to the wonders of our planet and to the threats it faces.

In Milton Keynes we are incredibly lucky to have an abundance and variety of landscapes and habitats. We are proud of how green we are as a place, we have more than 22 million trees!

I believe that gives us an unrivalled opportunity to be a leader in the fight against climate change and I hope this initiative can play a small part.…