Funding for MK Road Improvements

Milton Keynes will receive £3.925 million from the Department for Transport to improve the A509 and A422, Willen Road to Olney, it has been confirmed today.

The funding will form part of a £5 million project to upgrade the carriageway, drainage improvements and bringing vehicle restraint systems up to current standards.

The project is part of a huge £75 million for major road improvements across the country. It is expected that the investment will ease congestion, reduce journey times and improve reliability, as well as helping to support local businesses and boost economic growth.

I for one am absolutely delighted with this great news. People like who regularly travel along the dual carriageway between Olney and MK will see the improved driving experience along the A509 which can at times be a difficult commute. Iain Stewart MP and I, are regularly lobbying for more funding in our infrastructure so I am pleased that this has been heard and the money has been secured.”

The Government has invested a significant amount of funding into MK’s infrastructure. In 2016 the city received £9 million from the Go Ultra Low Cities programme and in January this year it was announced that Milton Keynes Council would receive a total of £5.9 million for local highways maintenance in 2017/18.

Transport Minister Jesse Norman said, “We are taking the big decisions for Britain’s future by investing in the infrastructure the country needs and ensuring motorists have the well maintained roads they expect and deserve.

“This investment will enable councils to repair roads and key infrastructure like bridges – boosting reliability on our roads so people can stay connected with family, friends and employment, while also keeping businesses connected with customers. Most of the schemes will be delivered within the next twelve months, so many drivers will see an immediate impact.”

The Challenge Fund is one part of the £6.1 billion being provided to local highway authorities in England, outside London, between 2015/16 and 2020/21 to help keep Britain moving and the economy growing.