On Exercise with USS George H.W Bush

With the UK's new aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth due to arrive in her home port of Portsmouth for the first time on the 18th Aug, it was a huge honour to visit this week the USS George H.W. Bush on exercise off the coast of Scotland.

As Minister for the Armed Forces, I witnessed a very exciting landing on deck, decelerating from 160 mph to zero in under 2.5 seconds. Sixty Royal Navy personnel have been working alongside their US counterparts for several years to ensure that the UK has maintained the necessary unique skill sets required to operate aircraft carriers.

There are literally only a handful of nations around the world who have such a capability, we should be immensely proud that with the arrival of the Queen Elizabeth next week, with her sister ship, The Prince of Wales in due course, that the UK will once again be able to exert such influence across the globe.