Westminster News

Refunds for Broadband & Landline Customers

Ofcom announced today that broadband and landline customers will get money back from their providers when things go wrong, without having to claim it.

Taking Questions in the Commons

On Monday 23rd October Mark, as the Minister of State for the Armed Forces, responded to questions from MPs on defence matters.

Watch the highlights here.


Council urged to bid to build new homes

I have urged Milton Keynes Council to bid for funding following the Prime minister's announcement yesterday that an extra £2bn will be made available for affordable housing.

Objectives Announced for EU Partnership

Today (15th August) the government are publishing the first in a series of papers on the new deep and special partnership the UK wants to build with the EU.

On Exercise with USS George H.W Bush

With the UK's new aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth due to arrive in her home port of Portsmouth for the first time on the 18th Aug, it was a huge honour to visit this week the USS George H.W. Bush on exercise off the coast of Scotland.

Free Childcare Doubles to 30 Hours

Government are offering eligible families a saving of up to £5,000 a year when the new 30 hours free childcare scheme opens in September.

Parents with a child under five years old can now apply for a 30 hours free childcare place for September 2017.

Public Sector Pay

Public Sector pay is a matter for the budget, not the Queen's Speech.

Labour's attempt to wreck the Queen's speech was a blatant piece of political opportunism to try and bring down the Government and force another election, not a genuine attempt to address public sector pay.

Veterans' Gateway

The recently launched Veterans' Gateway is a a one stop website for veterans and their families offering advice and support with healthcare & housing to employment, finances, relationships & more.

Securing Strong & Stable Leadership

I support the Prime Minister in her decision to call for a general election. The Conservative Party is committed to implementing the result of the referendum that saw a majority both nationally and locally in MK.