Finding a solution to loneliness?

Our increasingly ageing population throws up many challenges and a local business in Milton Keynes is hoping to address a complex issue with a very simple solution.

Public Sector Pay Increase

Teachers, prison officers, doctors, the armed forces and police officers will benefit from the biggest pay rise for nearly a decade. A balanced economic approach means 1m public sector workers will benefit across the UK.

Our Army is Creating a New Type of Soldier

The nature of conflict is changing. No longer is there a sharp dividing line between peace and war. Today we are involved in an era of constant competition – with our opponents becoming ever bolder in their brinkmanship. No longer is there any division between the civilian and the military.

Campaign Success for Hanslope Bus Service

After receiving news that the 33/33A service which stops in Hanslope was to be cut, I’m delighted to learn that our campaign to maintain the vital link between Northampton and Milton Keynes has been listened to.  The new timetable comes into play on 23rd July. 

Picture: Cllr Bill Green

Olney Bowling Club

A heart warming sight at Olney Bowling Club was to witness the more senior members sharing their skills and knowledge of the game with those as young as eight years old.  

Love Where You Live

After months of planning, McDonald’s in Milton Keynes have announced more information on their biggest Love Where You Live event yet, with their annual 24-hour, 24-mile litter picking event taking place on Tuesday 24 July.  Now, they are calling for as many volunteers as possible to turn out duri

Unauthorised Travellers Encampments

An increase in unauthorised traveller encampments has become a real concern for residents across MK.

Superintendent Yvette Finch has assured me that Thames Valley Police are taking the matter seriously and working closely with the Council and other partners.

Homelessness Roundtable - Open Discussions

I recently held another in my series of housing roundtables.

The focus was on affordable housing and it was an incredibly insightful meeting with representatives of housing associations, developers and the MK Homelessness Partnership.

Soapbox Science in MK

MK hosts an innovative public platform for increasing the visibility of women in science, in the most unlikeliest of places - our shopping centre!

Meet remarkable women in science standing on a soapbox amazing passers-by with their latest discoveries and their passion for science.