Businesses Back My Green MK Grant

I'm delighted Brioche Pasquier and AG Barr, both international businesses based here in Milton Keynes, have embraced my Green MK Grant initiative by both generously offering £1,000 each in sponsorship.

Having written to all schools in my constituency I am looking for the most innovative ideas to promote a clean environment with sustainable, practical and cost-effective solutions to a specific environmental issue.

The winning entry will have the opportunity to focus on their idea and turn it into a reality using the £2,000 grant money.

Schools in Milton Keynes North have until mid-November to submit their entries, and only one entry per school is permitted.

It has been my privelege as a Government Minister and MP to visit over 140 and I am always in awe of our natural environment. The recent work by Sky Ocean Rescue and Sir David Attenborough, among many others, have most certainly focussed our attention on the planet and the threat it faces so I'm really looking forward to seeing what ideas the youth of MK have for their future.


Letter to Milton Keynes Schools - Green MK Grant