Brexit Update

This week Members of Parliament and the public have been given an update on Brexit. The timeline is as such…

The Prime Minister has announced that due to further negotiations with the European Union the Withdrawal Agreement will not be brought back to the House of Commons until March 12th.

If the renegotiated Withdrawal Agreement is voted down in the Commons then on March 13th MPs will be given the opportunity to vote on whether we should leave the European Union on March 29th without a negotiated deal.

If MPs vote in favour of leaving the EU with a deal, and reject a No Deal scenario, then we will be given the option to extend Article 50 until the end of June 2019.

As I said in my statement on January 21st, I believe the best option is to leave the EU with a deal that provides certainty for local businesses and Milton Keynes residents, ensuring a smooth transition out of the European Union and protecting our local economy. I look forward to seeing the renegotiated deal in the coming weeks. You can read my full statement here,

I believe now is the time to unite and put political differences and party politics aside, in order to enact the wishes of Milton Keynes and the British public.