Brooklands Health Centre Opens its Doors

The scale of the new bespoke building is very impressive, both internally and externally. Situated over three floors, the new multi-million pound Brooklands Health Centre houses a pharmacy, dentist and chiropractor, with plans to add more services in the future.

Brooklands Health Centre Opens its Doors

The three storey new medical centre to be known as the Brooklands Health Centre opens it doors on Monday 10th September, providing a pharmacy, dental service and chiropractor.  

MPs Welcome Government’s Rough Sleeping Strategy

Both Iain Stewart MP and I welcome the Government’s new Rough Sleeping Strategy backed by £100 million of funding.

The strategy sets out the next steps towards achieving the aim of supporting everyone off the streets and into a home, and to end rough sleeping entirely by across 2027.

The Past is Revealed in Clifton Reynes

Two Neolithic cursus monuments have been discovered just eleven miles from Milton Keynes. The site near Clifton Reynes has revealed, thanks to the exceptionally dry weather, one of the oldest monument types in England dating from between 3000 – 3600BC.

Finding a solution to loneliness?

Our increasingly ageing population throws up many challenges and a local business in Milton Keynes is hoping to address a complex issue with a very simple solution.

Public Sector Pay Increase

Teachers, prison officers, doctors, the armed forces and police officers will benefit from the biggest pay rise for nearly a decade. A balanced economic approach means 1m public sector workers will benefit across the UK.

Our Army is Creating a New Type of Soldier

The nature of conflict is changing. No longer is there a sharp dividing line between peace and war. Today we are involved in an era of constant competition – with our opponents becoming ever bolder in their brinkmanship. No longer is there any division between the civilian and the military.

Campaign Success for Hanslope Bus Service

After receiving news that the 33/33A service which stops in Hanslope was to be cut, I’m delighted to learn that our campaign to maintain the vital link between Northampton and Milton Keynes has been listened to.  The new timetable comes into play on 23rd July. 

Picture: Cllr Bill Green