16 Parcel Postboxes Come Into Operation In MK North

I was really pleased to be in Brinklow to unveil one of the 16 parcel postboxes which have come into operation in my Milton Keynes North constituency recently.

These postboxes mean small businesses and marketplaces sellers in MK North can, for the first time, post pre-paid parcels, using Click&Drop, in the same way they currently post letters.

This will offer a significant benefit to consumers.

Chippenham Drive, MK10 0AB

Old Wolverton Road, MK12 5NA

Warren Yard, MK12 5NW

Precedent Drive, MK13 8PE

Alston Drive, MK13 9HA

Tanners Drive, MK14 5BN

Sunrise Parkway, MK14 6LS

Fox Milne, MK15 0DG

Michigan Drive, MK15 8JH

High Street, MK16 8PY

Howards Way Interchange Park, MK16 9QS

Snowdon Drive, MK6 1BW

Silbury Boulevard, MK9 1LT

Silbury Boulevard, MK9 2AH

Silbury Boulevard, MK9 3AZ

Midsummer Boulevard, MK9 3HP