Commuter Survey

Dear Commuter,

We want to improve your train services and ask for your help in completing our survey.  

Whilst out canvassing, we have met with many commuters and so we want to actively collect your comments, thoughts and priorites.  Here's your chance to air your views and help us to make the changes you want to see.

It only takes a few minutes to complete and your comments will support us in improving Milton Keynes train services.

Have a smooth journey and if you don’t, tell us about it in the survey!


Mark Lancaster MP and Iain Stewart MP



Commuter Survey

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    Reason for journey
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    National Issues
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    Your details
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What is the reason for your journey today?
How did you get to the station today?
How would you generally rate your journey?
How often do you use train services from MKC/Bletchley/Wolverton?
Which THREE of these are most important to you?