Ministerial Duties

Mark was a Conservative Party whip between November 2006 until July 2007 and as a Shadow Minister for DfID until the 2010 General Election.

Shortly after his re-election in 2010, he was appointed as the Parliamentary Private Secretary (PPS) to the Secretary of State for International Development. In September 2012 he became a Government Minister when he was made a Lord Commissioner of Her Majesty’s Treasury.

In May 2015, following his re-election, Mark was appointed Minister for Defence Veterans and Personnel. In June 2016 he had the Reserves added to his portfolio. Responsibilities currently include the Armed Forces Covenant, Service and civilian personnel, reserves, cadets, veterans, Service families and Defence Infrastructure.

Following the General Election in June 2017, Mark was appointed to Minister of State for Armed Forces.




Ministerial Visit to Nepal

It was a tremendous honour to be able to speak and share in the celebrations at the Nepal Embassy for the 264th anniversary of the founding of the Nepal Army.

RAF 100 Years

A real honour to speak on behalf of the Government in last night's debate celebrating #RAF100 @RoyalAirForce. A quite remarkable organisation with remarkable people that has lead the world in aeronautical innovation since 1918.

UK Commitment in Oman

I had the honour to visit members of our Armed Forces in Iraq, Bahrain and Oman this week.

Our Army is Creating a New Type of Soldier

The nature of conflict is changing. No longer is there a sharp dividing line between peace and war. Today we are involved in an era of constant competition – with our opponents becoming ever bolder in their brinkmanship. No longer is there any division between the civilian and the military.

Africa & UK Collaboration

My recent visit as Armed Forces Minister to Rwanda, Kenya and South Sudan was to promote co-operation with the UK Armed Forces.  Our actions have already had a big impact in these particular countries in supporting them with humanitarian projects and the fight against terrorism.

On Exercise with USS George H.W Bush

With the UK's new aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth due to arrive in her home port of Portsmouth for the first time on the 18th Aug, it was a huge honour to visit this week the USS George H.W. Bush on exercise off the coast of Scotland.

Veterans' Gateway

The recently launched Veterans' Gateway is a a one stop website for veterans and their families offering advice and support with healthcare & housing to employment, finances, relationships & more.

New Appointment at MOD

Whilst my priority is and always will be Milton Keynes, it has been an enormous honour to have been appointed Minister of State for the Armed Forces, effectively the Deputy Secretary of State, which gives me the responsibility of our Armed Forces and Operations at home and abroad.

Ghurka's Longstanding Alliance with UK

A particularly proud moment for me as a former Gurkha officer, was to represent the government this week at the 200th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Nepal and the UK.

Changes for Service Personnel

I am delighted to have announced in parliament this week that the Armed Forces Covenant has made progress with broadband providers for service personnel.

Go to my Facebook page to view the announcement.