At the beginning of his tenure as MP for Milton Keynes North, Mark launched his I before E campaign which advocated the policy of Infrastructure before Expansion.

Mark has consistently supported local development plans which fall in line with this policy but strongly opposed those which aim to impose building plans on local areas without making sure the right level of infrastructure was in place.

This is a key reason why Mark challenged the council’s plan to build 100,000 new homes in our rural area. His intervention resulted in the government dropping plans to fund this locally unsupported development. Mark’s view is that large local development plans should be carried out only after there has been a proper consultation and an integral part of such a development should be the availability of adequate infrastructure such as schools, roads, GP surgery etc.

While being fully supportive of the need for more affordable housing for residents and MK’s growing population, Mark believes that these should be done in a well-planned manner. Adding 100,000 new homes is great, however, if the road, school and other essential infrastructure are not first in place, the burden on existing ones become unbearable.