Milton Keynes is vibrant city with one of the fastest growing population and economy in the country. According to a recent UK Powerhouse report published by the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR), MK has overtaken Cambridge as the UK’s fastest growing town or city economy with a 2.6% Annual Gross Value Added growth.  Cambridge, Reading, Oxford and Ipswich make up the remainder of the top four.

Mark is very proud of the thriving mix of private and public sector in the city. MK has about 145,000 private sector jobs and 40,000 in the public sector. Our ratio of private to public sector employment is one of the best in the country making MK a vibrant local area for enterprise, with a table topping 1.4% increase in annual job creation.

Due to his background in business prior to entering politics, Mark is passionate about supporting businesses and entrepreneurship as drivers of economic growth. He holds regular meetings with local businesses of all sizes. For example, he does an annual walk around of businesses in Central Milton Keynes market, holds the small business awards while also having regular meetings with larger multi national companies such as Santander, Aston Martin and Red Bull.

Due to its strategic location, Milton Keynes has over 780 international firms, the highest proportion of major foreign companies in the UK.

Mark has organised a Business and Enterprise Fair in partnership with Network Rail and Heart FM which brought together major high street banks and funding agencies with business start-ups and entrepreneurs.