Protecting the environment is something the people of Milton Keynes have highlighted as a priority, and there’s plenty going on in the city and Britain which we can be proud of, but there’s still lots to do.

Mental Health

Mental-ill health is estimated to affect about one in four of us. It does not discriminate and I have seen how debilitating its impacts can be on families. This is why I have lobbied government to ensure residents in my constituency have good access to timely support and treatment.


At the beginning of his tenure as MP for Milton Keynes North, Mark launched his I before E campaign which advocated the policy of Infrastructure before Expansion.


Housing stock in Milton Keynes currently stands at approximately 112,000. With one of the fastest population growth in the country, meeting the housing needs of residents is an area Mark is very keen on.


Milton Keynes is vibrant city with one of the fastest growing population and economy in the country.


Mark has consistently voted in support of measures which will see the UK leave the EU. He voted to repeal the European Communities Act 1972 through the European Withdrawal Act 2018 which in effect put Brexit on a legal footing.

Ministerial Duties

Mark was a Conservative Party whip between November 2006 until July 2007 and as a Shadow Minister for DfID until the 2010 General Election.

Education - Achieving the Right Results for MK

Having visited all of the schools in my constituency during my twelve years as an local MP, I am truly inspired by the teaching staff, parents and governors who work tirelessly to give our children the very best education available.

Healthcare In MK

Our hospital has reached a major milestone in recent months in becoming a teaching facility, attracting new medical students to the area, in addition, highly regarded clinicians to Milton Keynes. The word is definitely filtering out that MKU Hospital is the place to be!