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Residents of Newport Pagnell have been left frustrated after Arriva announced their proposed changes to reduce the number of bus services to the town from two to one.

The Arriva ‘No 1’ bus service will be cut during core working hours due to an apparent lack of use. However, residents have refuted that arguing it is regularly used by students and commuters throughout the day. The proposal also makes the journey time for the ‘No 2’ bus service from Newport Pagnell to CMK significantly longer, from 17 minutes to 32 minutes.

I have had a large number of residents contact me with their concerns. It is disappointing that the proposals seem to have been done without a wide consultation of users and residents. Clearly the changes are significant and will impact on the commuters who rely on the Arriva services to go about their daily lives.

My office has requested a meeting as soon as possible to explore the possibility of restoring the services completely or in part before the changes come into effect.

I know there a number of online petitions going round but to help me demonstrate the local concern when I meet with Arriva I have set up this petition.  

I am doing my best to get a meeting before the changes are implemented on Sunday 29th October.




Arriva Petition

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In light of overwhelming local opposition, I would like to see Arriva review their current proposals to siginifcantly change the frequency and routes of the number 1 and 2 bus services in Milton Keynes.