Abortion for Northern Irish Women

I recognise that this is a very delicate and sensitive issue. Abortion access is the topic of contentious and emotive debate. For this reason Conservative MPs are free to vote with their conscience on abortion matters, rather than as a party. The Government wishes to see safe abortion services provided within the law to women who need them.
I have explored this issue, and understand that the provision of abortions is a devolved matter. Devolved NHS authorities are responsible for providing healthcare to those resident in their regions.
However, my understanding is, following a recent Supreme Court judgement, which outlined the law surrounding the provision of abortions to Northern Irish women in England, the Government has announced that payment for abortions for Northern Irish women in the NHS will be met by the Government Equalities Office with additional funding.

On the 29th June the Secretary of State for Education and Minister for Women and Equalities Justine Greening MP wrote to MPs regarding the situation. For your interest I have attached that letter to this email.


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